Bess turned into an experimental piece playing with what Rick DiMarinis (and Albert Einstein, probably) called “Time’s Arrow.” I’m still tinkering, but I love it.

Charlie‘s not dead anymore. At least I think not. Mainly because he didn’t think he was dead. At first he seemed to think he was just “in between worlds,” but his descriptions reminded me of The Twilight Princess and that turned into some Ready Player One fanfiction. I plan, to continue the theme, to hit Reset on his story. If I don’t like it, I’ll publish the fanfic.

Daniella needs to be edited, but otherwise she’s ready.

Eb turned into a chapter for last year’s NaNoWriMo novel. I’m not sure what to do with that.

I have no story for F.

Gregory O’Sullivan is a low-level bureaucrat in an alternate-reality version of Kansas where (this is not in there, it’s just backstory) America doesn’t leave Vietnam after the Tet Offensive and the USSR, having watched America fail spectacularly in southeast Asia, plays a better ground game in Afghanistan, reunites Pakistan and India, and backs a Chinese invasion of the West Coast. They buy off UK peacekeepers with cheap oil and establish a puppet/satellite People’s Republic of America in the American Midwest (China gets the West Coast and what’s left of the US becomes the American Union, mostly relegated to territory between New York and North Carolina, reaching no further west than Pennsylvania; Cuba gets Florida and Mexico gets most of the South–drawing the map was almost as fun as writing the story!). He snaps in a moment of weakness, and questions his allegiance to the Party. There’s a bit of a metaphor in there, but due to my work situation I didn’t want it to be too sharp. TSCPL will eventually own the copyright, since this is my submission for the Community Novel, but if I publish the first draft here they’ll get a derivative work and I should be okay. At least, that’s what I tell myself as I try not to remember that adage about lawyers and fools and being your own client. Look for Tovarishch O’Sullivan later tonight or early tomorrow. (That’s the Russian word for Comrade. Thanks, Wikipedia!)


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