Week Three: Meta

Where’s Bess?

Pouting, probably. I started to see a narrative link between her stories and poked and prodded her too hard and she stopped talking to me. Then I had three work-night evenings in a row where I didn’t get home until 9:00 and on two of those nights I still had work to do; I had a volunteer shift and a game night on Saturday; and I’m not quite sure what else happened on Sunday but I do remember chasing a mouse in the basement.

Needless to say, writing has been slow. I’ll try to finish her story over the weekend – assuming the nice weather doesn’t distract me.

Oh, and Charlie’s dead. In the literal sense. He gave me a good 800 words last night, right on schedule, in between steps of my Quiche Lorraine recipe (which was both more difficult and more delicious than I expected). That was for work, too. I have a weird job. But not as weird as Charlie’s. (Ooooh, spooky!)

Stay tuned, stay patient, stay awesome. Keep up with your own projects, even when life intervenes and it feels like you won’t ever be able to get back to them. “The best way out is always through.” I think Robert Frost said that. Or maybe The Doctor.


One thought on “Week Three: Meta

  1. There will come a day where people compare you to great men like George R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss and they will religiously read this blog, praying to the great gods above that you “for the love of all that is holy please stop eating that sodium infested soup so you don’t die before my favorite books are finished.”

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